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Weddings have always been such huge affairs — with no expense spared to make a memorable day even more memorable by way of extravagance. And why not?

It’s your special day! There should never be a price tag on these kinds of things.

But, for some, the appeal of a small and intimate wedding is just as much about saving money as it is about the sentimental value of a more tightly knit event. Of being able to spend a day with close family and friends. Of treasuring the people beside you over large venues and hundreds of vaguely familiar faces.

Today, to help you out with your small wedding plans, we’ve compiled a list of pro tips from the expert Canadian wedding Planner, Imtazur Rahman. Who was kind enough to share advice on how one can plan a perfect wedding on a budget!

1. Set a budget, and STICK to it!

Imtazur Rahman: One of the first things that I work out with my clients is their budget. This is vital to the success of any wedding (whether it’s for a small or extravagant one.)

The point in setting a budget is to curb the appetite. Especially for such an important event, it’s easy to get a bit too overenthusiastic when it comes to expenditures. And so, having a budget (with allocated percentages for the biggest expenses, like the venue, the wedding dress, the ring, etc.) is key to making sure that the wedding stays on track.

2. Pick a BUDGET-friendly venue!

Imtazur Rahman: You can host your wedding wherever you want! So, why not pick somewhere cheap while you’re at it? I usually have a list of all the cheapest venues in the area ready for my clients before I even meet them face to face. It’s one of those things that need to be worked out as early as possible (the earlier you can book a venue, the cheaper it is, usually).

Churches are usually the default for most brides and grooms. But isn’t the end all be all of the weddings. If you’re going for something more traditional, then there’s certainly nothing wrong with that! But I’ve planned perfectly lovely weddings in family homes, quaint restaurants, parks, theaters — you name it, I’ve hosted on it — as well!

3. Limit your offerings!

Imtazur Rahman: Food and drink are necessary for the success of any wedding. But you don’t really have to be overly fancy about it. You have control, so use it!

For example, some of the brides and grooms I’ve worked with were adamant about having an open bar for alcoholic drinks for their guests, others saw no need for it and nixed it altogether. Some saw no reason for an expensive DJ for dancing and much preferred to play their own tunes to dance to. Some preferred to cook the food themselves with the rest of the family rather than spend thousands on a caterer.

I can go on! LOL. But the point is, you can customize your wedding experience as much as you want to suit your own needs — so there’s nothing stopping you from choosing the more frugal option if it is within your means.

4. Choose your guests carefully!

Imtazur Rahman: Key to a small and intimate wedding is to have a limited number of guests. That should cut back on the number of people you have to feed. AND it will mean that you can get away with picking smaller (and thus cheaper) venues.

Some brides and grooms have trouble choosing their guests with the imposed limitations though — which is all the more reason to start thinking about it ASAP! Your immediate family and closest friends are a must, of course. But, outside of those people, you need to pick and choose to make sure that you don’t overfill your chosen venue.

5. Hire a wedding planner!

Imtazur Rahman: This might sound counterintuitive (and perhaps a bit self-serving since I myself am a wedding planner! ha) since it’s an extra expense. But having a wedding planner on your side is more than just about the aid you get for the organization of the event itself.

Part of my duties as a wedding planner is to make sure that my client never strays off-budget. And, of course, I’m specifically equipped to help with that. Also, as someone that’s been working as a wedding planner for over a decade now, I’ve been in close contact with all the vendors and venue-owners in my area and am able to help my clients get cheaper services because of it. And so, rather than adding to the expense, my service tends to pay for itself!

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